Specializing in Security and Special Event Management


For All of Your Trade Shows, Movie Productions, Festivals, and Special Events.

Cooler Security Advisors, LLC is a Veteran owned and fully insured, full service company providing you, your business, your events and your tour with security consulting, advancement and experience.

CSA can assist you and your company with many of your security needs from consulting to assisting with staffing to band tour security, event preparation, Budgeting.

CSA specializes in risk assessment, protective tactics and strategies.  Our uniquely trained consultants will analyze operations and facilities, then we will make
recommendations for your event.


Knowing what your needs are, what you have in place and where you would like to go is the first priority in any goal.

Security Consulting

    • Identify any Existing Security Vulnerabilities
    • Employ Countermeasures
    • Process RFP
    •  Property and Personnel Security Solution


Event Services
On Site Management
Logistics and Planning
Event Coordination

Training and Certification:
(All Instructors are Certified)
Defensive Tactics
CPL Classes

Women Self Defense and Awareness
Handcuff and Pepper Spray Training. With over 15 years of experience, CSA can assist you and your company with many of your security concerns.  We provide a wide range of security consulting services, customized to each clients needs.  CSA conducts itself on integrity, the highest professional standards and is always responsive to our clients.
Key to our success is our Partnership with our Clients.  CSA considers our clients as valuable business partners.  When individuals or groups join together to work toward a common goal, a partnership is formed.  CSA works professionally and knowledgeable to make sure the Client has a successful event and that partnership remains for future needs.